Terms of Purchase

All products are completely handmade and made to measure, so the delivery time ranges from two to eight weeks, dependending product type.
Being handmade products, there is none that is exactly like another. For many similarities they have, there will always be differences that become unique crafts.

All work is guaranteed for one year in normal use, with the exception of abuse or misuse. Our armor and accessories, while fully functional, are for decorative and aesthetic use, and are not prepared to receive strong blows such as those of a real battle.
In each product we require your measurements. It is important that we detail while these measures using the instructions on our measure chart for the piece to fit right. We will not be responsible for failure by the customer to indicate when the measures, but always contact with him to confirm that the details are correct before starting product development. Please be sure to send the correct measurement.

Encargos y Forma de Pago

All orders can be made by sending an e-mail to the e-mail address, by phone, or trough our web site form. In any case will require the following information to facilitate the buyer to contact him:

  • · Full name.
  • · Phone.
  • · Email.
  • · Payment method: check, bank transfer.
Once the order is completed it will pay 100% of the same (shipping extra) as indicated in the contact request. After verifying that such payment has been made, the order will be ready to begin processing.


Fees and Transportation

Transport costs are borne by the customer, being able to choose the type of delivery you want.


Returns and Exchanges

Being handmade products, in case of cancellation or return, only the customer will be refunded 40% of the purchase price excluding overhead or manufacturing defect in the product in which case proceed to change it. Keep in mind that the economic damage from the loss of an order falls squarely on the craftsman (a cancellation is lost work time, and ends up causing serious economic damage). For orders or adapataciones customizations specific to a particular person will return only 20% of the amount, because it is a customized product that is salable to a subsequent customer.