New pictures

We've just added new pictures of the finishedDeath Knight armour and a new gallery system.


Replicas Artesanas is open !

Réplicas Artesanas is now available and ready for take your orders online. Follow us on Facebook for exciting updates !


About Replicas Artesanas

Before introducing myself, I would like to thank you for visiting my website, where i wish you to feel comfortable and enjoy its content.

My relationship with the handcrafting gets back to my earliest childhood, when I realized that working using my hands was everything to me, and I loved to be able to craft any object with patience and full dedication.

My intent to get the most of me got me to want to craft for myself a full metal armour. Without experience and almost any resource, i started to persue this hard goal. I set up my own workshop, where people gradually began to know me and order some jobs, for gifts and personal items. I broke the digital wall when i published my first blog about my armour, where I detailed and logged my advances. 

Actually i take orders of any kind, always metal or leather realted, moving on the medieval and fantasy world. My big satisfaction is to know that someone who has put on me his confidence, illusion, patience and money gets away with exactly what he had on his mind.

I dont want to finish without give thanks to all the people who has helped me to get to here, who has believed on me and has backed me up economically in the beggining. Not forgeting, of course, family, friends, partners, teachers and that neverending group of people who has influeced in my life.